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Fripsy Ketchup Sticks

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Fripsy Ketchup Sticks 40g 25/1


The ingredients that we use to make our chips are carefully chosen: wheat, corn, potatoes, oil and seasoning mix.

The suitable technological procedures make the unique, well known shape, taste and aroma of our chips ketchup.

Enjoy our one of a kind combination of flavors.

  • Logistics information

1 pcs – 40g; 25 pcs in box (400/265/230mm); 1.308kg
Pallet (120/80/265cm) 11 rows x 9 box = 99 boxes; 2475 pcs; 129.5kg
Truck (1360/240/280cm) 33 pallets; 3267 boxes; 81675 pcs; 4273kg
20 ft container (590/235/239cm) 1360 boxes; 34000 pcs; 1778kg
40 ft container (1200/235/239cm) 2776 boxes; 69400 pcs; 3631kg
40 ft container High Cube (1200/235/269 cm) 3133 boxes; 78235 pcs; 4097 kg